Make-Believe Clearings

Inside a bold V shape, an inverted reflection appears in a rippling puddle with fresh green grass sprouting along one edge. Outside the V, the image is in black and white, the water still, the grass dry.

some days I start to think I’m done
with the whole lot of it
but then again there are so many stories
I haven’t heard yet

and I find myself standing in bar bathrooms
and grocery store lines
thinking maybe
I still need more time

more time to hold hands for hours
on a futon in a tiny apartment
tangled up so long we become one limb

more time to dance in the headlights
of your car by the river on a fake spring night
then swing in the park until we forget
what it’s like to worry about
taxes or to-do lists

more time to plunge off a waterfall cliff
to wait for the sun
to warm the mulch underneath
our bare feet

so much more time to see all the versions
of myself I will one day be becoming

Katie Holtmeyer

Katie Holtmeyer lives, writes, and teaches in Missouri. She is a pushcart-nominated poet, and her work has appeared in 3 Moon Magazine, Words & Whispers, Stanchion Zine, The Shore, and Jupiter Review, among others. Her debut collection, She Asked Me Where, is forthcoming with Unsolicited Press in early 2024.

Header photograph by Linds Sanders
Header artwork by Jordan Keller-Wilson

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