Vast Literary Press was established in 2021 as an extension of the literary community its three founders discovered in one another. We wanted to make a space that feels like a place—one where people can come together, share words, and seek knownness. Here, we gather to shine a light into the vast chasm of human experience. 

We believe creating and consuming art is a radical act that fosters empathy. Speaking and listening sparks change. At Vast, we champion artists and provide a platform for their work. We also celebrate the audience who encourages them to keep exploring. 

Chasm Magazine is our first project: a quarterly online magazine publishing bold work from diverse voices. Our first issue was published in January 2022.

You can find our vision and mission statements here.

Proud Member CLMP: Community of Literary Magazines and Presses. www.clmp.org

Header photograph by Stephanie Johnson
Header artwork by Avery Kester