Spam Love Poem

The side of a building with many fire escapes. The photo appears in black and white with a V-shaped center section in bright, comic-book style color, the building vibrant orange-red.

Good afternoon cmcrockford;
I am from Phoenix also.
Here the insects make no noise,
though something sings along with the night.

Are you in my Phoenix,
where the roads shiver when it’s cold?
Do you get lonely 
even when hearing the songs of the dark?

Me too, me too; 
I wish I was between your legs.

Why don’t you answer my emails 
or reply to the texts?

Will you not come 
to my dying patchwork house?
Will you come and see the nettle leaves
now spreading along my ceiling cracks?


Are you here?

I am willing to offer 20 percent for your time;
hurry while it lasts.

C.M. Crockford

C.M. Crockford is a neurodivergent writer who’s been featured in Wilde Boy, Neologism Poetry Journal, and Daily Drunk Mag among others. He currently lives in Philadelphia but has lived all over. Crockford loves Bowie records, animals, and that he has been cited twice on Wikipedia.

Header photograph and artwork by Jordan Keller-Wilson

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