Monsoon Showers

A fallen, yellow leaf lays on a rock, ice melting around it. The photo appears in black and white with a V-shaped center section in bright, water-colors.

Black clouds
         roll & gallop
churning the skies
        some kind of preparation
               for war

shimmering sheets
              of slanting rain
yanked & contorted
             in elemental violence

tree-crowns lashing
             left and right
as if the enemy is within

the animal clamour of
wild doors & windows

          and then,

the sudden outburst
           of small feet upon
    the drenched terraces
             shrieks of abandon
                     & glee

and the frenzied hands
                  of mothers
clawing laundry down
             from the line

so much joy
so much urgency

so much nonchalance

as today as perhaps 
a thousand years before

impervious to the monarchs
who wield
           neither rain
                      nor thunder

Faiz Ahmad

Faiz Ahmad is a recent graduate in Biological Sciences, IIT Madras, India. His work appears in, Poetry Daily, Denver Quarterly, Poetry Northwest, Salamander, Carousel and others.

Header photograph by Deborah Hughes
Header artwork by Jordan Keller-Wilson

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